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Based on a desire to share and spread our knowledge, the Spiegel Institut Academy was founded in 2007 in Mannheim, where our headquarters are located. At our academy, we give you the opportunity to benefit from our experience and extensive know-how in our professional seminars and workshops. Drawing on the expertise of the Spiegel Institut gained in our daily research and consulting activities, our seminars focus on the topics of UX and Usability Engineering, the fundamentals of market research as well as conversation techniques and moderation. We also offer the opportunity to become a certified CPUX-Professional!

Experienced facilitators with extensive practical expertise provide you with the basic techniques and current know-how in classical market research in general and user experience research in particular – and each seminar is conducted using modern didactic methods in a cooperative atmosphere. And there is no shortage of practical applications: You learn how to directly apply your newfound knowledge and receive important ideas and motivation for your projects and innovation processes. Expand your skills by adding expertise that is in demand, and experience how you can benefit from this in your daily work!