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"Not the objective nature of a product is the reality in the market psychology, but only the consumer perception."
Prof. Dr. Bernt Spiegel

What moves people? How are products experienced from a consumer perspective and how are (purchasing) decisions reached? A passion for these questions is what made Dr. Bernt Spiegel into a pioneer in market psychology in Germany and led him to found the Spiegel Institut in Mannheim in 1950.

The siblings Uta and Götz Spiegel are the second generation to run the Spiegel Institut. The Institute conducts consumer research and provides user experience consulting with several locations in Germany, China and the United States. It stands for human-centered consultancy along the product development process: We help develop successful products and services by analyzing the usage context, supporting conceptual design and user-centered development, up to validating the concepts.

We have continuously forged new paths, developed innovative research methods and contributed important findings to the field of market psychology and user experience. Not only in theory: Renowned companies from industry and business use our support to constantly stay a step ahead of consumer demands when designing their products. Our longstanding interest in the question of how people experience products, applications and services, collectively called “User Experience”, is now more relevant than ever before and is an important focus in research and consulting. > Read more


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Götz Spiegel

“Optimising how humans interact with their environment fascinates me, as there is enormous potential to improve how the material and the intangible can fit together.”
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Dr. Matthias Reisemann

“The human-oriented perspective on product development and its process, as we can see with UX, inspires me every day.”
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Philip Rigley

“You have to really get to know the users in order to make suitable products that inspire them.”
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Julia Messerschmidt

“To me, the interplay of function and design in human-machine interaction repeatedly presents us with new and exciting challenges.”
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Dirk Obermeier

“I am passionate about anything that has to do with data science and data art, that is, giving meaning to numbers and visualising them.“
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Sarah Gelb-Wiegand

“The most exciting thing about market research for me is delving into the world of a target group, understanding them and explaining them to the client.”
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Ilona Hering

“Experienced market researchers don’t merely question or observe individuals. They lead people to express their behavioral and experiential world.”
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Sarah Pfannebecker

“To me, what’s most interesting about market research is the exciting and international working environment. No two projects are alike, which makes each challenge particularly appealing.”
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Yue Liu

“Life itself is an on-going market research study. We are the participants as well as the observers.”
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Nicole Murgg

“Placing a user’s perspective in every phase of the development process of a product makes each project unique and exciting, and I am extremely motivated to see how these perspectives are incorporated into the product.”
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Stefan Rosenhammer

“What I find fascinating about human-machine interaction is how difficult it can be to design a simple operating unit.”
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Frieda Preuss

If we don’t talk to our users, how do we know how to talk to our users?”
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Melanie Kessler-Schardt

“To live the human centered design process means to develop not only for but also with the user. That makes sense, fun and still holds many uncultivated treasure.”
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